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Remembering Chris

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A plaque has been placed at the site of the accident.   It joins a small cherub and silk flowers placed there by Tracy shortly after the accident.   On the bronze plaque is a picture of Chris along with the following inscription.    

    February 9, 1973

      An irresistible and irrepressible

force who impacted for the better

the lives of all who knew him,

especially those of us fortunate

enough to love him,

and be loved by him.

                                            6 September 2002

It is hoped this page will help those of us who loved him so much, and miss him even more, gain some bit of comfort.   It is a form of therapy for the author.  S.W.    8/24/03

February 9th 

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September 6th

5 September, 11:30 PM .  We lit a candle and placed a new planter of flowers near the Cherub.   The silk flowers that Tracy put there almost a year ago are still there, and someone has placed a rosary around the Cherubís neck.   Although it rained off and on while we were there, several people stopped by to offer their condolences and to express their feelings about that evening one year ago.  The first, a very nice young man who lived nearby, stopped by around midnight to give us comfort.  The second was a gentleman who lived across the street.  He had spoken with members of the family a year ago and came over this evening to pay his respects.  A third young man stopped to ask if we were family.  When he learned who we were, he told us that he was the first EMT to respond.  He told us that he tried everything he knew to help Chris.  We thanked him and we all cried.  We said goodnight at 2:30 AM , 6 September 2003 .



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December 14th


                                                                                            14 December, 4:30 PM.  It was raining as we placed a small Christmas tree here for Chris.   We stayed awhile and then went to Fire Rescue Station 66 where Hiram Correa works as an EMT.   He was the  first responder on the scene after Chris' accident.  We spent some time with him and met other members of his team.   He shared a personal story about his son with us.    We thanked him again and gave him a copy of Chris' CD.   Afterwards, Diana met us back at Old Cheney and Beach Blvd.  We hugged and cried together and then went to dinner.   During dinner we talked about jobs, family, plans for the holidays, and Chris.  We parted with a sense of renewed friendship and a promise to keep in touch.





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